What’s New! Zimbabwean Amethyst.

A New Find of Amethyst! Direct from the source!

The Zimbabwe Amethyst was ‘unveiled’ in Tucson in 2016- and then launched in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines 4 months later.

We have been told that the location is Zambezi Valley in Zim.

This beautiful deep purple Amethyst seems to form in Sceptres, as well as Elestial formations- and has explosions of red Hematite inclusions.

Zimbabwean Amethyst- Zambezi Valley
Zimbabwean Amethyst- Zambezi Valley

The material we have is from the very first pocket, so each specimen has some damage, as the pocket was dug by inexperienced people (not experienced miners), these Quartzes are still so unusually beautiful.

I am in the midst of uploading each piece onto our Youtube channel, so please do mosey on over to  have a look-see! There are 16 pieces from this very first batch available.

Here is a sneak preview of #25 below.

All these beauties are for sale, and will be shipped with international registered post from South Africa.

If you are interested in pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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