About us

Sub-Saharan African Mineral lovers.
Rock on are a chosen family
of crystal lovers
and seekers of stories.

In the midst of sourcing crystals from distant lands
far, far away,
we enjoy pursuing the beating heart,
first-hand accounts of adventure
of those we encounter.

Have you noticed the expression on the storyteller’s face
when they recount an old favourite?

Their highs and lows…
their excitement, passion, love and loss.

The listener takes in and feels all emotions
as if they too were there.

Beyond languages and borders,
we savor immersing ourselves
in the beauty,
and much-needed soul
our world has to offer.

While Living
in these egocentric
and fear-mongering times
can take its toll;
the quest to find the humans
behind human-kind,
seeking out
common ground
and restoring faith
in the only world we have,
seems more fitting.

Different cultures,

To feel,
and fall in love,
again and again,
with open hearts
and open minds.

We soul search,
to inspire you
to see the beauty in the world.

We just happen to source
and hand-select amazing crystals
from these storytellers too,
That’s why they feel so good!